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CO-AGE Advocacy

As a member of the Coalition of Advocates for Georgia's Elderly (CO-AGE), you have the power to impact legislation that affects seniors across the state through, advocacy, engagement, and participation in CO-AGE events. Below you will find a number of ways that you can be involved in the advocacy process to help make a difference and improve the lives of older Georgians statewide. 

Georgia General Assembly

The Georgia General Assembly is made up of the Georgia Senate and the Georgia House of Representatives. It is in charge of creating, debating and determining the laws that guide our state. The Georgia General Assembly also has the power to determine the state's operating budget. Below you will find the committees who are most likely to handle legislation that would affect the state's aging population. Click on each tab to learn about the responsibilities of each committee and view committee members.

House Committees
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This committee is responsible for legislation that concerns the care and needs of Georgia’s aging population.

Senate Committees
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The Appropriations Committee has broad jurisdiction over legislation involving the expenditure of state and federal funds. The committee is responsible for developing the state's budget with specific appropriations to the various government agencies, departments, and organizations on an annual basis. The committee has fourteen (14) standing subcommittees. Georgia requires that the state's budget be balanced.

Find Your Legislators

Establishing relationships with policymakers is key to creating change in your communities and across the state. Legislators rely on information from their constituents to understand what policy changes are needed to improve the quality of life for their community members. Click below to identify who your legislators are and reach out to them today!

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Email Reminders

GCOA staff makes it a priority to keep CO-AGE members informed regarding state and local elections, CO-AGE events, legislative priorities affecting seniors, issue alerts, and much more. Make sure you are signed up for our monthly newsletter to stay on top of current news affecting older Georgians. During the legislative session, CO-AGE members also receive weekly updates keeping you up to date on what is happening with the chosen CO-AGE priorities. Click below to sign up for our newsletter today!

Recommended Opportunities/

Events for Advocacy

Take the opportunity to plan an event to engage with your local officials. Below is a list of ideas that you can use to bring advocates and legislators to the table to discuss important issues. GCOA will also notify you of events and how to register in the monthly newsletter and via email.

  • "Eggs and Issues" Breakfast

  • "Lunch with a Legislator"

  • "Coffee with CO-AGE"

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GCOA Comes to You

Do you want a member of the GCOA staff or a Council member to attend your event? We are always willing to attend events, both in-person and virtual to help spread the message of how important it is to advocate for older Georgians and to keep community members informed of legislation impacting the lives of seniors. Click below to contact us for your next event!

Other Helpful Advocacy Tools

Click on each button to download helpful tools to start you on your way to becoming an advocate for older Georgians!

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