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Call for Issues

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Between April 3, 2023 and May 5, 2023, we welcome your submissions for the 2024 Legislative Session.

Every year, GCOA provides the opportunity for CO-AGE voting members (those with individual or organizational memberships) to submit ideas to become a GCOA priority issue the upcoming year. CO-AGE members have presented concerns about issues that affect older Georgians throughout the state and have been able to watch their submissions turn into legislative action, improving the lives of seniors across the state. 


We do not expect issues to be complete, but it has to have enough research to make it possible for staff and committee members to finalize prior to the January legislative session. If the GCOA Legislative committee finds that it is unable to complete the work, your

issue may be tabled for further research.

As always staff and Council members stand ready to answer any questions you have or to make suggestions.

If you have an idea that is complex and you do not have enough access to information, we encourage you to reach out to other groups or organizations for expertise and assistance with drafting your submission.   

Please feel free to call Nikaela Frederick at 404-241-8430 with any questions.

Here is an EXAMPLE submission form.

Here’s what you'll need to submit:
Description of specific problem and possible solution
Description of how a legislative request would address the issue
Available research, data or evidence to support your concern/solutions
Georgia statute affected by legislation, if available
Contact information for additional groups that may be supportive

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