It will be an eventful July 14, 2016 Issues Meeting!

We are just two days away from our July CO-AGE meeting in Macon. Eleven potential CO-AGE priorities will be presented by advocates from around the state. We have the largest number of attendees pre-registered in CO-AGE's history! We will be awarding our Legislator of the Year Award and we will be discussing our carry-over and perennial issues. We hope to see you there! And if you can't make it, please visit our website soon after as we will post highlights of the meeting there and on our Facebook page. 

June 15, 2016 is National Elder Abuse Awareness Day

We hope you are seeing a lot of #WEAAD on social media today. We must join in the efforts to raise awareness of Elder Abuse. There are many forms of elder abuse from financial exploitation to neglect to physical abuse. Georgia has made great strides over the last few years toughening laws to deal with the monsters that perpetrate these crimes. Please visit our Elder Abuse Prevention Page to read more and find links to resources. 

Bill to protect seniors passes the House!

HB 1037, sponsored by Rep. Valerie Clark, will expand the certified nurse aide registry to nurse aides who provide services in private residences in order to provide for inquiries and complaints. The registry also exists to handle these complaints for those working in licensed facilities. This bill will just expand what Georgia already has in place. You can read the full bill here

Georgia Dental Association goes back on word

CO-AGE priority, HB 684, didn't make it out of Rules committee because the Georgia Dental Association broke their word. Here's the sponsor's reaction in today's Georgia Health News:

"HB 684’s main sponsor, Rep. Chuck Martin (R-Alpharetta), went further Monday, telling GHN that the Dental Association, despite its expressed position on the legislation, “was secretly trying to bottle it up in Rules.”

“I’m disappointed and confused that the Dental Association changed their stance on this,’’ Martin added. “It’s fairly clear the bill allows more access, is safe, and is good for Georgians.”

The Governor released the FY 2017 Budget

Yesterday, January 14, 2016 the Governor's Budget Report for FY 2017 was released and each of the legislators received their own copy in their respective chambers by noon. Ever want to know what a budget of Billions of dollars looks like? Take a look at the 444 page document on the Office of Planning & Budget website or just click this link. Happy Reading! 

Georgia General Assembly will convene again Monday

The 40 day legislative session will begin on Monday, January 11, 2016. This may be a "quick" session due to an election year and Easter coming early in 2016. The first day there will be a memorial service for the Georgia Southern nursing students who died in the horrific car accident. Stay up to date on all the issues impacting seniors this session by becoming a CO-AGE member today! Join here