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Virtual Team Meeting

Now that the 2024 CO-AGE priorities have been selected, a monthly work group has been created for each issue to flesh them out, collect all the facts and information, and determine the best strategies for advocacy. Meetings are held via Zoom and last for an hour. CO-AGE issue work groups are critical to the success of our advocacy efforts as we prepare for the upcoming legislative session.


The kick-off meeting schedule for each Work Group is as follows:

Medical Aid in Dying (MAID) Work Group- Tuesday, 9/12/2023 at 1pm


Home and Community Based Services (HCBS) Work Group- Thursday, 9/14/23 at 10am


Multidisciplinary Teams for Adult Abuse, Neglect & Exploitation Work Group- Thursday, 9/14/2023 at 1pm


To sign up for a work group, contact GCOA Communications Specialist, Patrice Parker, at

GCOA Welcomes New Council Member, Jeremy Le

The Georgia Council on Aging (GCOA) is excited to welcome its newest member, Jeremy Le, appointed by Lieutenant Governor Burt Jones. Members of the 20-person Council are drawn from every region of the state to advocate for aging Georgians and their families as well as make recommendations to lawmakers and agencies on programs and funding for seniors.  


Mr. Le currently serves as the founder and CEO of Albert’s House, a network of personal care homes throughout metro-Atlanta for individuals living with dementia. Albert’s House residences aim to create a family-like environment in which the individual needs and preferences of residents are at the forefront. Progressing from selling medical devices to hospitals, to marketing preventative and interventional care, to where he is today, the entirety of Mr. Le’s career has been in the healthcare field. His dedication to healthcare comes from a profound desire to effect positive change through service. This work opened the door for him to volunteer as an early-stage support group participant with the Alzheimer’s Association and eventually become a member of the Dementia Action Alliance as well as Leading Age.  


Raised in a culture in which community elders are revered, Mr. Le has embraced a personal focus on dispelling the general public’s misconceptions about dementia and on attracting younger generations to engage in dementia work. He carries this cultural frame of reference forward in his Albert's House mission. GCOA looks forward to the passion and expertise that Mr. Le will bring to serving older adults across the entire state.

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