Breaking News from the Aging Advocates

We are excited to report that the Senate Appropriations Chairman, Jack Hill has just summarized the Senate recommendations for FY 2016 (Wednesday, March 18, 2015). The Senate put in $1.88 million for HCBS (Home and Community Based Services). These services are critical to keeping elders in their homes and out of costly nursing homes. Some of the services included in HCBS are meals, in-home services, caregiver relief, adult day care and home modification. With the $1.5 million for HCBS that the House put in for FY 2016, we will be able to take approximately 1,796 people off the wait list for these services! 

Although this is well short of the $10 million ask to take 5,000 people off the wait list, aging advocates are pleased. For the last several years the funding for these services has been lower and we've even had to battle cuts. This gives hope that Georgia is taking a step in the right direction to tackling the growing needs of this demographic!