Vote for 2021 CO-AGE Priority Issues

Please complete the ballot by choosing ONE budget item and THREE legislative items that will be added to our existing perennial issue of HCBS Funding. 

Click on each issue to watch videos or download detailed summaries.

Funding to help older adults that may have limited financial resources obtain Assistive Technology devices. 

Funding to expand pilot study to meet the behavioral health needs of older adults in additional affordable housing sites throughout Georgia.

Funding to help offset added costs to private home care providers associated with Federal and State mandates. 

Funding to provide staffing for the General Resource Center, development of training materials, and a data management system. 

Legislation to require county coroners to be called in certain instances when deaths occur in long-term care facilities. 

Legislation could specifically name the Long-Term Services and Supports system providers for inclusion in all planning efforts and especially for disaster/pandemic planning.

Legislation to create a Guardianship Resource Center to assist guardians and/or conservators with understanding responsibilities to the wards as well as the courts. 

Legislation to authorize a supervising dentist to send or receive remote communication from a patient or hygienist in order to provide easier access to dental care for nursing home residents or those who live in rural areas.

2021 Issue Ballot

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