Issue Submissions for 2019 session

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A primary role of the Coalition of Advocates for Georgia's Elderly is to be a vehicle for bringing broad-based input on aging issues from across the state to the attention of the General Assembly. Participants are encouraged to voice their concerns, submit issues for the prioritization process and engage in joint advocacy efforts with other stakeholders.

Members will then be able to vote at the annual meeting on July 12 or via survey link distributed on July 13. 

Only CO-AGE Voting members will be able to vote for the 2019 issues. Please renew or join today! Renewals and new memberships must be made by June 30, 2018. 

Looking for our 2018 issues that were selected? Visit our 2018 Issues page here.

Proposed Legislative Issues:

Issue A: Abusive Transfer of Real Estate Title

Submitted by: Nancy Pitra

Issue D: Guardianship Courts                  

Submitted by: Melanie McNeil                                                             

Issue G: Medicaid Expansion                  

Submitted by: Delmar Yoder

Issue J: State Approval for Senior Zones

Submitted by: George Pilkington

Issue M: Unauthorized Practice of Law

Submitted by: Dan Munster

Issue B: CCSP Eligibility Wait Times       

Submitted by: Diana Cutright

Issue E: Health Coaching as Reimbursable Expense

Submitted by: Katherine Stettler                      

Issue H: Person-Centered Care in LTC Facilities

Submitted by: Melissa Beasley

Issue K: Supported Decision Making Alternative to Guardianship

Submitted by: Dawn Alford

Issue C: De Facto Custody for Grandparents Raising Grandchildren

Submitted by: Mike Patton                 

Issue F: Medicaid Coverage for More Georgia Seniors

Submitted by: Janet Faust                                                 

Issue I: Seniors in Anti-bullying Law        

Submitted by: Lynda Dudley

Issue L: Surprise Billing for Non-ER Medical Care

Submitted by Louis Godio