Engage with CO-AGE


In order to keep our seniors safe during the COVID-19 pandemic, GCOA is working on a virtual format for this year's Engage with CO-AGE events. Please contact Eric Ryan at eric.ryan@gcoa.ga.gov. You can watch the 2020 virtual Engage with CO-AGE below. 

Engage with CO-AGE 2019 was a huge success. We had 32 live events with more than 1000 participants. These events stretched across this great State of Georgia! We were able to share the 2019 General Assembly news on budget and legislative items that benefit all seniors!

If you want to be a participant/host in our Engage with CO-AGE events, Join CO-AGE below.

Engage with CO-AGE Video Highlights

View our videos from ENGAGE with CO-AGE to hear our summary of the budget, elder abuse, and other legislation from the 2019 General Assembly.