Cobb widow taken for millions sparks debate over elder abuse


COBB COUNTY, Ga -- By the time help arrived, those who Frances Perkins entrusted with her health and financial security had inflicted significant harm on the Marietta widow.

She lived in squalor with dead rats in her home, suffered from dementia and was caught between her two daughters’ estranged relationship, far removed from the days of operating a country general store and gas station with her husband, Charles, in East Cobb.

Over a lifetime, Perkins amassed wealth from family real estate investments and, after her husband died in 1992, she lived frugally by habits forged growing up during the Great Depression, spending little from her nest egg of millions.

That life changed in September 2011 when, just days shy of her 90th birthday and in early stages of dementia, Perkins signed over financial power of attorney to a man who just a couple years before had been a total stranger.

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Georgia Legislature protects seniors by expanding CNA Registry

During the 2016 Legislative session, lawmakers passed a bill that will allow the already existing CNA Registry to now accept complaints about CNAs in all settings. Previously, the Registry maintained by the Department of Community Health (DCH), only accepted complaints on licensed CNAs working in licensed facilities. Beginning July 1, 2016 DCH will have to respond to complaints on CNAs that work in home and community based settings. In addition, DCH will also have to make the Registry more prominent and easy to find on their website since the tool is accessible to the public as well as employers of CNAs. This is a big step in protecting seniors from caregivers that have a history of Abuse, Neglect or Exploitation of vulnerable populations. You can read the full bill here.