Eunice Lastinger Mixon, Distinguished Older Georgian 2018


Miss Eunice Mixon was born early on a frosty morning in November 1931 on a farm in Tift County Georgia to Robert and Carrie Lastinger. After World War II Miss Eunice married Albert Mixon.  She says “He found that older pretty girls had either married or moved to the city since he had been away and that I had grown up. All this left an open field for me and I got him.” 

The Mixons started a farm where Miss Eunice was the top hand on the farm feeding the farm hands. Learning that it was as easy to stir a big pot as it was a small pot; where, later she could serve big dinner parties for large groups or just for fun or just inviting people from different parts of the state that she wanted to get acquainted with.

The highlights of the 49 ½ years Albert and Miss Eunice spent together were the birth of their sons and their wonderful growing up years. They worked on the farm as a family. When technology replaced most of her efforts on the farm, Miss Eunice remembered her old ambition to teach. She started school at ABAC and a few summers later had a master’s degree and a specialist in science education from UGA.

Miss Eunice spent 28 years sitting on more than 15 boards and commissions as well as volunteering for countless election campaigns for presidents, senators and governors among others. Among her many, many recognitions Miss Eunice: raised more than $25,000 for Alzheimer’s learning a waltz; was named one of 25 women for the 21st Century by the House; received the inaugural Eunice L. Mixon Award created by the State Bar of Georgia; and, was recognized as one of the 40 most influential South Georgians. 

Miss Eunice Mixon now has 4 grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren. She spent 12 years following the death of her beloved Albert in 1998 working with the General Assembly as doorkeeper. 

Miss Eunice now has the great honor of representing those wonderful older Georgians who continue to make their communities a better place to live.