Dear Senior Issues Newsletter subscriber:

We are resending our annual Call for Issues that went out yesterday. We are sorry for any confusion.

The 2020 Call for Issues form can be found on our web site. The link is below. Please note that we have made a slight change to the request for submissions.  

All ideas that meet the criteria are accepted and submitted to the Council’s legislative committee.  No value judgements are made regarding the issues.  However, in recent years, some issues have lacked enough information to prepare for the January session. 

If you have an idea that is complex and you do not have enough access to information, we encourage you to reach out to other groups or organizations for expertise and assistance with assembling the basic facts.   

If the committee finds that it is unable to complete the work, your issue may be tabled for further research. We do not expect issues to be complete but it has to have enough research to make it possible for staff and committee members to finalize prior to the January legislative session.  

As always staff and council members stand ready to answer any questions you have or to make suggestions.

You can download the form here.

We look forward to your 2020 submissions.  Please feel free to call Duane Tolson at 404-281-0430 with any questions.

Thank you.

Maureen Kelly

GCOA Legislative Chair