Number 1: Use our frame on your Facebook profile

Look for our Facebook frame in early September to put on your Facebook profile picture to show your support for Older Georgians. While you are at it, like us on Facebook and Twitter @GeorgiaCOA


Number 5: Call Governor Deal's Office 

Contact Governor Deal's Office and ask him to support older Georgian's and the 2018 CO-AGE Priorities. 

Number 8: Join a work group

Work Groups are a critical part of the process for CO-AGE Priorities. We hold conference calls to plan and strategize for the legislative session. Contact Us to join one of the work groups!  

Number 10: Join CO-AGE

Have  you renewed your membership with CO-AGE? Are you a member of CO-AGE? Join today to become part of our advocacy network!


Number 13: Invite a friend to a CO-AGE Meeting

Do you know someone who should join you for our October or July CO-AGE Meetings? Invite them to come along! 

Number 16: Visit the Division of Aging Services website

The DAS website is a useful resource for learning more about aging programs. Visit 

Number 19: Host ENGAGE with CO-AGE

Each April we bring CO-AGE to you! Consider hosting an ENGAGE with CO-AGE event April 2018. Learn more about ENGAGE here or Contact Us for more information! 

Number 21: Share a Facebook Post

Maybe it's a foodie Friday recipe or an article about our priorities. Visit our Facebook page and share one of our posts with your friends! 

Number 24: Tweet your legislators with #GaEndTheWait

Send a Tweet or Facebook post to your legislators and use the End the Wait Hashtag to let them know you support Home and Community Based Services

Number 27: Tell us how we are doing

Share your feedback with us on how we are doing. 

Number 30: Ask a friend to call their legislators!

Now that you have taken action, tell a friend how important it is to contact their legislators. Let them know about the CO-AGE Issues and ask them to contact their legislator. 

Number 33: Visit our 40th sponsor's websites

Click here to view our 40th Anniversary Sponsors and be sure to click their logos to check out their websites! 

Number 36: Send 2018 priorities to your legislators

Send an email to your legislators with our 2018 CO-AGE priorities. 

Number 39: Volunteer with a local aging organization

Check out DHS' Volunteer Guide and find a local organization to volunteer with. 

Number 2: Share your story

Have you or a loved one benefited from home and community based services? Share your story with us to help us advocate for these programs. Click here to submit your information and one of our staff will follow up with you! 

Number 3: Invite a friend

Invite a friend to join CO-AGE! Send an email or give a friend a call. Tell them about CO-AGE and how easy it is to become a member. They can just visit 

Number 6: Attend our 40th Anniversary Luncheon

Visit to purchase tickets for our 40th Anniversary Luncheon.

Number 11: Call your state senator

Call your senator and let them know that you support Older Georgians and the 2018 CO-AGE Issues

Number 14: Send an Issue

Each May we open our call for issues. Do you have an issue that affects older Georgians? Submit your issue and CO-AGE members may vote for it! 


Number 17: Take a selfie

Print our sign and tell us what you will do to support Older Georgians. Then you can email or post to Facebook (be sure to tag us @GeorgiaCOA!)

Number 22: Attend Senior Week!

February 7 and 8, 2018 are GCOA's Senior Week. Contact us to learn more and plan to visit. You can talk with your legislators while they are making key decisions. 

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Number 25: Attend the Senior Hunger Summit

September 28 and 29 will be the 2nd Senior Hunger Summit. Attend to learn more about how Georgia is addressing Senior Hunger. Click here for more information.

Number 28: Vote

Vote in each and every election. Your voice matters. 

Number 31: Attend the CO-AGE Meeting in October

Register here to attend the October CO-AGE Meeting! 

Number 34: Send a 2018 Priorities Brochure to your legislators

Get a 2018 Priorities Brochure at our October CO-AGE Meeting and send one to your legislator to let them know you support our CO-AGE priorities. 

Number 37: Write a letter to your representative

Tell them about the one of the CO-AGE priorities and how it will help you. 


Number 4: Look around our website

Have you looked at our website recently? We have our issues, news, and a variety of resources available for anyone to access. 

Number 7: Call your state representative's Office

Tell your State Representative that you support Older Georgians and the 2018 CO-AGE Priorities!

Number 9: Write a letter to the editor

Send a letter to the editor of your local paper about one of the CO-AGE priorities and why it is important to you. Share your letter with us! 

Number 12: Send in your council photos

Do you have photos of past council or CO-AGE meetings? Send them our way. They could be featured at our 40th Anniversary Luncheon or on Facebook! 

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Number 15: Share the Senior Issues Newsletter

The first of each month we send out the Senior Issues Newsletter. Share the newsletter with a friend or tell us what stories you would like to see! 

Number 18: Visit our Elder Abuse Blog

Click here to visit our blog where we share recent cases of elder abuse from around the state. 

Number 20: Learn about your Local AAA

Each Georgia County is served by an Area Agency on Aging. Click here to find yours and learn more about the services they offer!

Number 23: Learn about GARD

Did you know Georgia has an Alzheimer's and Related Dementias State Plan? Click here to learn more!

Number 26: Thank your elected officials

Send a Thank You note to your elected officials. Their hard work each year helps us improve the lives of Older Georgians. 

Number 29: Volunteer to be a Senior Week Guide

Contact us if you would like to help groups navigate the Capitol during Senior Week. 


Number 32: Tell us what you've done

Let us know if you have contacted a legislator or shared with a friend! 

Number 35: Host a meeting with your legislators

Do you run a senior center or other senior program? Ask your legislators to meet with you and show them your program.

Number 38: Invite a friend to like our Facebook Page

Share our facebook page with a friend. 

Number 40:  Celebrate with us! 

Help us celebrate 40 years of advocacy in whatever way you can!

Thank you to our Champions: